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About Tag Manager Solutions

Tag Manager is undoubtedly the future of conversion tracking. The days where you put a tag for analytics on every page, had another tag for remarketing lists and a tag for each conversion is gone. No longer do you have to contact the developer for every new or changed tag which was time consuming and ineffective. Tag manager allows you to place one tag on each page of the website and then manage all subsequent tags from a centralised location with debugging features and multiple user access.

If you're not tracking it, you cant improve it. At Pay Per Click Ireland we provide monthly management packages for Google Tag Manager and we also provide consultancy and training if required. Get in touch today for access to expert help with your Tag Manager requirements.

Get In Touch To Arrange Google Tag Manager Training Or Consultancy.

Our Process

What We Do

  • Set Up Tag Manager On Your Website
  • Integrate Adwords & Analytics To Tag Manager
  • Set Up Conversion Tracking & Remarketing Tags
  • 1 - 1 Training Provided
  • Build A Working Relationship

Why Tag Manager

  • Performance Measurement
  • Remarketing Made Easy
  • Manage All Tags From 1 Central Location
  • Multiple Users
  • Advanced Debugging


  • Google Partners
  • Tag Manager Consultancy
  • Tag Manager Training
  • Dedicated Support
  • Hardest Working Digital Agency

Tag Manager Tracking Tags

"Tag Manager Allows You To Measure All Adwords & Analytics Conversions From One Central Location"

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